Grade 10 Level 2 Writing Sample

Global warming has become a serious threat to our planet.  Explain what we can do as citizens to reduce the effects of global warming.  You may want to consider factors, such as:

  • recycling
  • the impact of fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal)
  • the impact of consumerism (buying things).
Student Example

Student writing sample:

Global warming is cause by human beings.  If we want to save our planet we should going to do some rules.  We should use the other fossil fuels.  We should stop to using fossil fuelsWe should change the car fuels.  More and more people are buying economic cars which use a little of fuel.  The other rule is thats if we can reuse something so we should do it because it’s may stop to made a thing from factorys, like plastics because the plastics never back to the nurtur.  We should recycle the things that we can recycle them.  We can also help our planet by throw a garbage in dustbin, plant a trees, etc. A lot of energies, started making a lot of new projects how to stop global warming and make good weather on earth.  Global warm warming can harm very badly when so summer come it become very hot and when winter it become very cold because of carbon dioxide cause ozone layer thinner.

Uses more utility words (car, weather, summer, winter), descriptive words (new, very hot, very cold) and subject-specific words (Global warming, fossil fuels, reuse, recycle, carbon dioxide, ozone layer).

Uses regular plurals (rules, plastics, projects), possessive pronouns (our), prepositional phrases (to the nurture [to nature], on earth), and regular and irregular verbs in continuous (making) and simple past tenses (no evidence).

Writes compound and simple detailed sentences (More and more people are buying economic cars which use a little of fuel.).

Uses familiar vocabulary (human beings, planet), known phrases (we should, harm very badly [badly harm]), common expressions (help our planet, throw a garbage in dustbin, stop global warming) and cognates.

Produces text for specific purposes. (Writes personal response to academic prompt.)

Connects ideas in a basic paragraph using common conjunctions (so, because, and), time markers (when) and sequence markers (also).

Edits and revises paragraphs for regular spelling (warm warming), end punctuation (.), commas in a list (,) and addition of detail's may stop to made a thing from factorys [… it may reduce the need for new things made in factories]).

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