Grade 12 Level 2 Writing Sample

Do you think it is important for people to continue to travel into space?  Why or why not? You may want to think about issues, such as:

  • costs
  • dangers
  • rewards.
Student Example

Student writing sample:

Intro - I think it is really important for people to continue to travel into space because those people are brave and adventurous and can learn more about other’s planets that live in space.

Many space exploration can be dangerous: mystery or see something wrongly. That can give me many methods to stand it. If someone learns the methods, that is real rewards of dangers. Like something wrong around of own planet and they can tell us. Everything can happen there. The costs might be so expense because all travel included. If you have the money and know the dangers that involve going into space, there should be anything stopping you. There are many space where we can travel or exploration. It is something new and we can learn about that is we didn’t know before. Conclusion: In my conclusion, I think space is not an easy place to go and is expensive to go. The costs might be high so hard work for check there staff and fix it, if there are problems. The bravery, rewards and great experience of wanting to find more info about what is outside the earth why not continue if that day is good to go into space to do what you love go to space.

Using more utility words (think, people, travel, learn, live, money), descriptive words (brave, adventurous, real, new, high, great) and subject-specific words (planets, space exploration, earth).

Uses regular plurals (methods, rewards, dangers), possessive pronouns (there = their), prepositional phrases (to go into), regular verbs in continuous (wanting) and simple past tenses (no evidence), and irregular verbs in continuous (going) and simple past tenses (didn’t).

Writes simple compound sentences (I think space is not an easy place to go and is expensive to go.) and detailed sentences (The costs might be expense because all travel included.).

Uses familiar vocabulary, known phrases (really important, fix it, why not), common expressions (should [not] be anything stopping you, do what you love) and cognates.

Produces texts for specific purposes. (Writes in response to prompt.)

Connects ideas in a basic paragraph using conjunctions (because, and, or), time markers (before) and sequence markers (intro, in my conclusion).

Edits and revises paragraphs for regular spelling (everything, experience, outside), end punctuation (.), commas in lists (,) and addition of detail (Like something wrong around of own planet and they can tell us. [Like if there is something wrong with our own planet Earth, the astronauts can see it from space.]).

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