Grade 7 Level 3 Writing Sample

Global warming has become a serious threat to our planet. Explain what we can do as citizens to reduce the effects of global warming. You may want to consider factors, such as:

  • recycling
  • the impact of fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal)
  • the impact of consumerism (buying things).
Student Example

Student writing sample:

Global warming is a serious threat to the citizens of todays world. There are various harmful effects of Global warming. in order to reduce the Global warming several methods are being introduced.

First, We have to use public traffic, or walking, or riding bicycle. For example someone have a car, but he was going somewhere nearby his house. I think he should have to walk, or ride a bike. But when someone has to go to far places, he should use public traffic like bus, subway, and taxi.

Second, we have to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We Recycling is a good way to reuse the warming of mother earth. It helps keep the environment clean & ecofriendly. We have to reduce plastic bags, reuse reuse water bottles and recycle plastic, metal, bottle, etc.

Finally, the impact of consumerism is ought to be reduced as the negative points are it is dangerous to our planet.

Now you know about my reasons to stop Global Warming. As good citizens we should try our best to conserve mother earth for all.

Level 3: Uses a range of utility words, descriptive words, subject-specific words and academic words related to curricular concepts.
Level 4: Selects from a greater range of words, including utility words (citizens, world, bicycle, car, house, bike, bus, subway, taxi, bottle), descriptive words (serious threat, harmful, several, nearby, clean), subject-specific words (global warming, reduce, reuse, recycle, plastic, metal), academic words (reasons, impact) and words with multiple meanings (way, bags) with increased understanding of curricular concepts.

Writes plurals (effects, methods, places), possessive pronouns (his, my, our), prepositional phrases (in order to), regular verbs in continuous (walking, riding) and simple past tense (no evidence), and irregular verbs in continuous (being) and simple past tense (no evidence) with more control of agreement and tense.

Writes simple, compound and complex sentences, and ideas in logical sequence and detailed paragraphs (Finally, the impact of consumerism is ought to be reduced as the negative points are it is dangerous to our planet.).

Uses familiar vocabulary, known phrases (global warming), common expressions (mother earth, ecofriendly) and word lists.

Produces text for a specific purpose. (Writes a personal persuasive response to writing. Now you know about my reasons to stop Global Warming.  As good citizens we should try our best to conserve mother earth for all.)

Connects ideas in a basic paragraph using conjunctions (or, but, and), time markers (Now) and sequence markers (First, Second, Finally).

Edits for placement of apostrophes (missed apostrophe in todays [today’s]), quotation marks (no evidence), a variety of tenses (should have to walk, ride, has to go, reduce) and common irregularly spelled words (environment, recycling, reuse).

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