Grade 9 Level 2 Writing Sample

Do you think it’s important for people to continue to travel into space? Why or why not? You may want to think about issues, such as:

  • costs
  • dangers
  • rewards.
Student Example

Student writing sample:

Yes, it is important to travel into space. Space exploration is the
major advantage for the upcoming Science discoveries. We need to know travelling into space would end in starting to build a city. It is cleared that the moon has no air and no people so that we would need to make air and then we could live there. Space exploration means searching for new things. As we exploration we get knew knowledges and we learn new things. The danger of travelling into space are that in case the fuel gets finished, nobody can save them. the other dangers are we always have to carry clothes which can survive. Space is cold and is too much hot. We get knowledge going into space but we need to know more about earth – the space world we live on. The scientists who goes into space makes good discoveries. People It is realley a necessity for even a single man to go into space.

Uses utility words (city, moon, air, things, knowledges [knowledge], space, world), descriptive words (space exploration, upcoming, too much hot) and subject-specific words (exploration, discoveries, fuel, earth, scientists, necessity) related to familiar objects, actions and topics.

Uses nouns (space, science, air), verbs in present (is, travel, has, need, make, get, are, know, go, means, gets, goes), past (finished) and continuous (travelling, starting, searching, going) tenses, object pronouns (them), adjectives (new, cold, good, single), adverbs (there, in) and prepositions (into, about, to, for, on) with agreement errors.

Writes detailed simple sentences and sentences with clauses (the other dangers are we always have to carry clothes which can survive.).

Uses known phrases (for even, major advantage) and common expressions (learn new things, the danger of, in case).

Uses new words, models and writing plan templates to write a personal response. (Uses words from the prompt (dangers) and follows a basic paragraph format of topic sentence, supporting information and concluding sentence.)

Connects ideas in related sentences using common conjunctions (and, but, so that), time markers (As) and sequence markers (the other, then).

Edits sentences for end punctuation (.), commas in a list (no list), simple tenses (is, need, would need, could live; errors: It is cleared [clear], as we exploration [explore]), regular spelling and addition of details (nobody can save).

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