Right Rectangular Prism
Initial Definition

A rectangular prism is a prism with a rectangular base and faces coresponding to each side of a base. The faces which are not bases are called lateral faces.

Rectangular prism

Usually right rectangular prisms are studied.

Right regular prism

Volume and Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

In general, the volume of a rectangular prism is the area of the base times the height of the prism.

In general, the surface area of a rectangular prism is the sum of the areas of all of the faces of the prism.

Right Prism with a Rectangular Base

l: The length of the base of the prism

w: The width of the base of the prism

h: The height of the prism

V: The volume of the interior of the prism

S: The surface area of the prism

Pyramid (volume and surface area)

Explanation of volume formula (rectangular base)

Explanation of surface area formula (rectangular base)

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