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To help your teen select appropriate courses and course sequences, refer to the High School Graduation Requirements.


High School
French as a Second Language Overview

3-Year Program

French as a Second Language (french 10-3Y, 20-3Y, 30-3Y)

I never thought I’d understand and speak some French! Students with no experience in French will learn to express simple messages about familiar topics. They will explore and understand various Francophone cultures and develop language learning strategies that will help them learn a second language or additional languages.

9-Year Program

French as a Second Language (French 10-9Y, 20-9Y, 30-9Y)

I’m building on the French I have! Your teen will add to the knowledge and skills developed in grades 4 through 9. They will understand, talk about and write about a variety of topics, using various sentence and language structures, while accessing a rich French vocabulary.

Course Sequence

Note: All courses in each sequence below are 5 credits.

For students in senior high school with no previous knowledge of French:
French 10-3Y   →   French 20-3Y   →   French 30-3Y
For students studying French with the requisite skills from the Grade 9 nine-year (9Y) course sequence:
French 10-9Y   →   French 20-9Y   →   French 30-9Y
For students who possess a superior level of French prior to entering Grade 10: 1
French 31a   →   French 31b   →   French 31c
1 This course sequence is intended for students who demonstrate language skills that are equivalent or superior to those demonstrated by students who have successfully completed French 30-9Y, and who desire to continue to refine their skills in French. Note that waived prerequisite credits for French 10, French 20 and French 30 are no longer available.
Subjects at a Glance
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