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To help your teen select appropriate courses and course sequences, refer to the High School Graduation Requirements.

Off Campus Programs

High School
Off-campus Programs Overview

Work Experience

I want to transition smoothly from school to post-secondary education or to work. Off-campus programs are a partnership among schools, community, employers and students. Your teen will explore career interests and develop practical skills for the workplace or for post-secondary education through planned off-campus educational experiences integrated with classroom learning.

Work Study

I’m exploring a career. Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have acquired in their coursework to real-life situations through a school–community partnership. No additional credits are provided.

Career Internship 10

I’m preparing for a career while in high school. Through Career Internship 10, students develop skills and knowledge that will help them enter the workplace. Many of these internships focus on careers in the trades, in technology or in service. The number of credits received varies.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

I want to begin working in a trade while still in high school. Students interested in one of Alberta’s designated trades may be able to work as registered apprentices and take high school courses. They spend part of their time in school and part of their time in industry learning their trade and gaining valuable hours toward their apprenticeship record book (blue book).

Green Certificate Program

Get a head start in a career in agriculture. Through the Green Certificate Program, students can take a series of three courses in an agricultural production specialization. They attend special training sessions, learn under a trainer, study independently and are tested, developing skills and knowledge for the future.

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