Guide to Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Health and Safety Management Systems


A health and safety management system is a process put in place by an employer to minimize the incidence of injury and illness to workers involved in the operations carried out by the employer. This is accomplished by identifying, assessing, and controlling risks and potential risks to workers in all workplace operations. Teachers are required to implement a health and safety management system in the CTS classroom/specialized facility instructional area as well.


It is important for CTS teachers to implement a health and safety management system for the benefit of staff and students. Everyone in a CTS lab needs to be aware of safe practices and procedures so that the chances of bodily injury or damage to school property are greatly reduced.


In certain CTS occupational areas, safety infractions may result in serious injury and/or death. In other occupational areas, where injuries that occur may not be as severe, it is still important to develop, maintain, and adhere to safe practices to protect students and staff.


There are eight elements of a health and safety management system:

  • Element 1: Management Leadership and Organization Commitment
  • Element 2: Hazard Identification and Assessment
  • Element 3: Hazard Control
  • Element 4: Ongoing Inspections
  • Element 5: Qualifications, Orientation, and Training
  • Element 6: Emergency Response
  • Element 7: Incident Investigation
  • Element 8: Program Administration

For more detailed information, read Health and Safety Management Systems from the Work Safe Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Teacher Resources Binder.