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Resources Promoting Health and Safety


General Information


Alberta Labour has produced the Occupational Health and Safety Schoolkit for Alberta School Authorities K–12, a resource for schools that contains pertinent information for everyone who works in a school setting.


Alberta Labour has several Resources for the Classroom.


Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to workers who are injured at work. Workers in certain industries are not covered by WCB. A worker can ask the employer to determine if he or she is covered. Workers should be familiar with WCB coverage and benefits. Two sources of information are

The Occupational Health and Safety Act must be adhered to by workers and employers. Failure to do so may result in fines or imprisonment.


The Worker's guide to occupational health and safety explains everyone’s responsibilities at work and stresses the fact that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. This bulletin provides a brief summary of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Your Rights and Responsibilities at Work should be read by everyone who is an employee, including young people starting their first job, temporary workers in Canada, or those returning to work after a long absence. This publication also provides useful review information for seasoned workers.


The OHS Code Explanation Guide 2009 provides explanations of the various parts of the Occupational Health and Safety Code. Teachers should especially be familiar with Part 18: Personal Protective Equipment. This section of the guide explains the duty to use personal protective equipment.


The complete Workers’ Compensation Act document is also available.


Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Schoolkit Appendices includes the following information:

  • Appendix 1: Sample Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Responsibilities Statement
  • Appendix 2: Hazard Assessment and Control Process
  • Appendix 3: Sample Organizational Chart (Larger Jurisdiction)
  • Appendix 4: Sample Organizational Chart (Independent School)
  • Appendix 5: Sample Job Inventory
  • Appendix 6: Sample Custodian Work Inventory
  • Appendix 7: Sample Custodian Hazard Assessment and Control Form
  • Appendix 8: Sample Teacher Hazard Assessment and Control Form
  • Appendix 9: Hazard Assessment and Control Form
  • Appendix 10: Sample Hazard Report Form
  • Appendix 11: Sample Employee Health and Safety Orientation Checklist
  • Appendix 12: Sample Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix 13: Sample Incident Report Form
  • Appendix 14: Sample Incident Investigation Form
  • Appendix 15: Sample Witness Statement
  • Appendix 16: Sample First Aid Report Form
  • Appendix 17: Sample WCB Employer’s Report Form
  • Appendix 18: Sample WCB Worker’s Report Form