Guide to Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Business, Administration, Finance, & Information Technology (BIT)


BIT focuses on the management, marketing, and use of electronic technologies to access, use, and manipulate information within personal, family, workplace, community, and global contexts. This cluster challenges students to expand their confidence, experience, and skills as innovators and leaders.


Computing Science (CSE) Explore hardware, software, and processes to write or create structured algorithms and programs that input, process, and output data.
Enterprise & Innovation (ENT) Study the area of business that deals with the organization and management of a project, undertaking, or innovation.
Financial Management (FIN) Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate the operation of an accountant, auditor, or financial service.
Information Processing (INF) Gather information and process it from one form into another.
Management & Marketing (MAM) Learn the processes associated with promotion for the sale of goods and services.
Networking (NET) Use a group of computers that are connected for the purpose of communication.