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The Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks will be phased out for the 2024/25 school year. Please see the information on the revised and updated Benchmarks 2.0.

Printable Benchmarks 1.0:

Benchmarks 1.0 Tracking Sheets:


  • A Review of the Literature on English as a Second Language Issues (2008) PDF
    This literature review, carried out by the University of Calgary, focuses on three areas: content and curriculum, how schools can identify English language learners with special education needs, and English language learners with limited first language literacy.

  • ESL Literature Review Update (2009) PDF
    In 2009, Alberta Education contracted Howard Research & Management Consulting Inc. to update the literature review associated with the 2004–2006 study into the factors that influence and predict academic success of ESL students. 

  • Supporting ESL Students: Promising ESL Strategies in Alberta (2009) PDF
    Promising ESL Strategies in Alberta is a compilation of best practices and strategies gleaned through the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) projects focusing on:

    • projects involving ESL students
    • ESL strategies
    • projects involving ESL students and other English language students
    • projects that involve ESL students but apply to all students.

Information and Resources for Supporting English Language Learners

Early Childhood Information and Resources

Other Information to Support Schools Providing Services to English Language Learners

  • Program of Studies – ESL Grades 10–12 (1997) PDF
    Focusing on language proficiency, the ESL senior high school program of studies identifies the expectations for core and optional learning components and outlines what students are expected to know and be able to do.

  • Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12
    The Guide to Education provides information for administrators, counsellors, teachers and other parties engaged in the delivery of quality basic education. The guide contains key requirements and other information for the implementation of education programming and the operation of schools.

  • Funding Manual
    The Funding Manual assists school jurisdictions, charter schools, accredited funded private schools and private ECS operators in understanding and accessing Alberta Education funding. The Funding Manual includes formulas, rates, criteria and reporting requirements.

  • My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource
    The online resource, My Child’s Learning / Apprentissage de mon enfant, provides parents with up-to-date information about what their child is learning, resources to help their child and how their child might be assessed for every subject and grade. Through this resource, parents of English language learners, who may themselves be learning English as a new language, can also access Parent Tip Sheets in PDF and audio format using simplified English and French that provide information on a variety of topics about schooling in Alberta.

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