Vernier Calipers

How to Use this Applet

The Graph Area

  • Drag the left or right arrows ( Left and Right Arrows ) to adjust the caliper.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the caliper.
  • If the arrow keys don't respond, click the cursor in the applet frame then try again.


  • Use the "METRIC" button or the "IMPERIAL (10 : 100)" button to have divisions of ten read in decimals.
  • Use the "IMPERIAL (8 : 64)" button to have divisions of eight read in fractions.
  • Use the "GENERAL (n : n²)" button and the "n DIVISIONS" button to set three to twenty divisions read in fractions.
  • Use the "RESET" button to restore the applet to the initial state.

For the caliper applet to work properly (on screen), one division of a unit must be a multiple of the number of divisions IN SCREEN PIXELS. As a result, inches and centimeters will not "look" the proper length on screen. This applet will still promote the concept of reading Vernier calipers.