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New ideas are everywhere. Grade 2 students take eight required subjects: Art, English Language Arts, Health and Life Skills, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies. Some schools may offer additional optional subjects.

English Language Arts (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

What can I share with my classmates? What interesting things can my classmates share with me? By further developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, your child will create, write and type their own stories and use their language skills to help others.


Using mathematics to solve problems. Your child will count, describe and estimate quantities to 100 in a variety of ways. They will understand and apply strategies for addition facts up to and including 9 + 9 and related subtraction facts, recall addition facts up to and including 5 + 5 and related subtraction facts, and add and subtract numbers to 100. Your child will solve problems using numbers, patterns, measurement and data collection, and use graphs and charts to communicate information.


Float or sink? Grade 2 students continue to develop their science abilities by seeking answers to questions and solving problems. They explore the unique properties of liquids, especially water, and they learn how materials can change as they are heated or cooled. Students experiment with forces like buoyancy and magnetism and also learn about creepy crawlies!


What other Canadian communities are there? Your Grade 2 child will apply their understanding of community to an Inuit, an Acadian and a prairie community. They will come to appreciate how these communities are shaped by a variety of factors, such as the past, where they are located, the groups to which they belong and the exchange of goods and services.

Physical Education (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

What are the benefits of an active lifestyle? Your child will take part in various activities that will help them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They will grow to appreciate the importance of physical activity, while discovering essential life skills, such as cooperation, leadership, fair play and teamwork.

Health and Life Skills (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

Volunteering at school makes me feel important! Grade 2 students learn how to eat from all four food groups, learn how to be as active as they can, learn about safety on their bikes and inline skates, and discover who to trust in the neighbourhood.


Look what I made! In Grade 2, your child will create visual art by using a variety of media and techniques and communicating with visual symbols. Through the four major components of the art program—reflection, depiction, composition and expression—they will explore form and function and develop decorative styles.


Making music!  Your Grade 2 child will create their own music for poems and songs. They will see how melodies rise and fall and understand that a rhythm can be paired with a melody. They will sing a variety of songs; move to music, poetry and stories; and read simple printed symbols.


Express yourself! Drama students experiment with dramatic play and discover creative ways to express themselves. Through puppetry, storytelling and other types of dramatic play, students discover who they are and discover the connections they have with others.


Languages open the door to other cultures and new ways of thinking. A variety of language courses are offered across Alberta. Your child may have the opportunity to learn a First Nations language or an international language.

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