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What can I learn from others who see things differently? In Grade 5, students take eight required subjects: Art, English Language Arts, Health and Life Skills, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies. Some schools may offer additional optional subjects.

English Language Arts (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

I can set my own goals of how my language skills will improve! I can choose pictures, print and other ways to share my experiences. Your Grade 5 child will use many methods, such as computer programs, to create, organize and publish information. They will take responsibility for their role in a group and show appreciation for what others share. 


Using mathematics to solve problems. Your child will understand, recall and apply multiplication and related division facts to 9 x 9. They will multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers, and divide 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, including the use of mental mathematics strategies. Your child will compare fractions with like and unlike denominators, and describe, compare, add and subtract decimal numbers (to thousandths). They will also write and solve one-step equations to solve problems with whole number solutions, and learn about probability.


Charged up about electricity? In Grade 5 Science, students learn about electricity and magnetism to build simple electrical devices. Chemistry activities like making crystals introduce them to chemical reactions. Students also interpret and measure weather and study wetland ecosystems.


What is Canada like? I want to know our stories! Canada is a vast country with a varied geography and a diverse population. Your Grade 5 child will discover Canada’s regions, the stories and ways of life of Canada’s peoples, and how various events have contributed to Canadians’ identity.

Physical Education (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

What are the benefits of an active lifestyle? Your child will take part in various activities that will help them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They will grow to appreciate the importance of physical activity, while discovering essential life skills, such as cooperation, leadership, fair play and teamwork.

Health and Life Skills (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

I’m getting better at listening to others! Grade 5 students understand that it is important to appreciate others around them. They also discover ways to deal with their stress, manage their time and stay physically healthy.


What is “good” design? In Grade 5 Art, your child will examine the individual character of objects and forms and begin to judge whether designed objects meet certain standards. They will play with shapes, changing them using abstraction and distortion, and work on using a minimum of material and effort in their art.


Sing, sing a song, make it simple, to last your whole life long! Grade 5 students understand that rhythm, melody and chords are related. Your child will create rhythms and match the names, sounds and pictures of instruments. When they sing, they’ll work on singing with a good tone and with expression.


Express yourself! Drama students experiment with dramatic play and discover creative ways to express themselves. Through puppetry, storytelling and other types of dramatic play, students discover who they are and discover the connections they have with others.


Languages open the door to other cultures and new ways of thinking. A variety of language courses are offered across Alberta. Your child may have the opportunity to learn a First Nations language, French or another international language.

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Career and Technology Foundations (OPTIONAL SUBJECT)

The exploration of career development begins early in life. Through CTF, students explore their interests and passions as they learn about various career possibilities and occupational areas. Challenges or tasks provide students with an opportunity to develop critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Hands-on learning helps students develop skills and knowledge and use technologies associated with various occupational areas. CTF provides a foundation for students to transition into Career and Technology Studies in high school.

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