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I’m in junior high! Grade 7 is exciting and challenging. Students in Grade 7 take six required subjects: English Language Arts, Health and Life Skills, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies. Additional optional subjects are also offered.

English Language Arts (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

I can use different text forms to help me express my ideas. Grade 7 students extend their understanding by finding different ways to express ideas, such as through magazine ads or brochures. They analyze how story lines progress, considering settings and characters, and make notes using headings, subheadings or symbols.


Learning about statistics. Your child will learn and explain the divisibility rulesdivisibility rules: a set of rules to help a student decide if a number can be easily divided by a single-digit divisor, solve problems involving percent, and add and subtract integers. They will add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. Your child will model and solve one-step equationsone-step equation: an equation that involves one calculation; e.g.,
8 + 7 = 15
and two-step equationstwo-step equation: an equation that involves more than one calculation; e.g., 2 + 3 – 4 = 1, and solve problems involving area. They will understand the mean, median and mode for a set of data and create and interpret circle graphs.


How are heat and temperature different? Your child will begin the study of energy, matter and forces and analyze and communicate understandings of Earth and its ecosystems. Grade 7 Science focuses on the science- and technology-related knowledge and skills your child needs in order to solve problems and make decisions about social and environmental issues.


How has Canada changed over time? What kinds of changes have there been and why? Your child will explore the people and events that led to Canadian Confederation, and the major changes in Canadian life since then that have shaped citizenship and identity in our diverse society.

Physical Education (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

What are the benefits of an active lifestyle? Your child will take part in various activities that will help them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They will grow to appreciate the importance of physical activity, while discovering essential life skills, such as cooperation, leadership, fair play and teamwork.

Health and Life Skills (REQUIRED SUBJECT)

My friends like me for who I am. I have a lot to offer! Grade 7 students become aware that they need to show more responsibility in their grooming, organization, study habits and relationships with others.


What would I do if I were an artist? Junior high students use a range of tools, materials and media to express how they feel, to think artistically and to value art. They draw and create art, and they examine the art that others have made.


I can appreciate many different types of music! Your child may participate in instrumental music, choral music and general music. They may choose not to participate in each of these programs simultaneously but they have the option of doing so if they desire. In each of these programs, they will develop as a performer, listener, consumer and composer as they strive for musical excellence and explore various styles of music.

Career and Technology Foundations (OPTIONAL SUBJECT)

The exploration of career development begins early in life. Through CTF, students explore their interests and passions as they learn about various career possibilities and occupational areas. Challenges or tasks provide students with an opportunity to develop critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Hands-on learning helps students develop skills and knowledge and use technologies associated with various occupational areas. CTF provides a foundation for students to transition into Career and Technology Studies in high school.


Lights, curtain, action! Your child will explore acting, improvisation, movement and speech. They’ll develop confidence and learn about themselves and others. Your child will discover how much work it takes, behind the scenes and on the stage, to put on a successful production.


Languages open the door to other cultures and other ways of seeing the world. A variety of languages are being taught throughout Alberta, including First Nations languages, French and other international languages. School authorities may choose provincial language programs or develop their own programs.

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Environmental and Outdoor Education (OPTIONAL SUBJECT)

The world extends beyond the school walls. Your child will experience the outdoors safely and comfortably while discovering how to treat the environment responsibly. Through one course or a sequence of courses, they will become aware of and appreciate all living things, including themselves.


I know what the options are, so which is the best option for me? Your child will think critically about issues and consider other people when making decisions. They will examine issues in their own life, explore the role of values in ethics and understand that others may have values that differ from their own.

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