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To help your teen select appropriate courses and course sequences, refer to the High School Graduation Requirements.


High School
Biology Overview

20-Level Course

Biology 20

How and why does energy flow through living systems? Biology 20 students examine the interactions of living systems to better understand the constant flow of energy and the cycling of matter. Specifically, students explore the functioning of the human body and the mechanisms that work to maintain balance in organisms—in ecosystems and in the biosphere.

30-Level Course

Biology 30

Why is there so much diversity? Biology 30 students conduct lab work and investigate how human systems sense and respond to the environment. They explore human reproduction and development at the cellular level and at the organism level. Students investigate the basic structure and role of DNA and investigate the inheritance of traits in individuals and populations. They analyze the changes in populations resulting from natural and human-induced changes in the environment and discover that living systems are dynamic.

Course Sequence

1 Students who have achieved a final mark of 50% or greater in Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20 or Science 20 may enroll in Science 30.
2 Although the recommended transfer point from Science 24 is to Science 10, in exceptional cases, students may be placed by the principal in 20-level courses, as serves the student's best interests.
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