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To help your teen select appropriate courses and course sequences, refer to the High School Graduation Requirements.


High School
Music Overview

Instrumental Music 10–20–30

I want to become a better musician. Students will learn to play a specific instrument and use the power of their voice. They will listen to others play, read and interpret music through their instruments, and create their own music.

Choral Music 10–20–30

Let your voice soar. Students will explore the power of their own voices, both alone and in harmony with the voices of others. They will sing, listen to others, read music and create their own songs, developing their musical abilities.

General Music 10–20–30

Music is a universal language. In addition to composing music, students will understand basic music structures, become more aware of what they are hearing in music and study the role of music in their lives and in the world. They will appreciate music in its many forms and will discover why music is such a big part of our individual and collective lives.

Course Sequence

Subjects at a Glance
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