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Roger Epp

Dr. Roger Epp is the Dean of the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose, where he is also professor of political studies. A graduate of the University of Alberta (BA Honours) and Queen’s University (MA, PhD), he has taught at Augustana since 1990. He is a past recipient of Augustana’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

Dr. Epp is a contributing co-editor of the book Writing Off the Rural West: Globalization, Governments, and the Transformation of Rural Communities (2001), co-producer of the two-hour documentary “The Canadian Clearances,” for CBC Radio Ideas and a frequent media commentator and speaker on rural issues. He is also co-editor of Braving the New World: Readings in Contemporary Politics, 3rd ed. (2004). His recent published essays include “Two Albertas: Rural and Urban Trajectories” in the provincial centennial history Alberta Formed, Alberta Transformed (2006) and “We Are all Treaty People: History, Reconciliation and the ‘Settler Problem’” in Dilemmas of Reconciliation: Cases and Concepts (2003).

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