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Community Kids

Identify three ways that young children can best contribute to the community.

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Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: The Fire Station
Description: Michael and Sheila visit a fire station.
While the two kids are exploring a fire truck, an alarm goes off and away go Michael and Sheila to the rescue!
Author/Editor: Munsch, Robert
Published by: Toronto, ON: Annick Press, 1995


Title: Police Officers
Description: Police Officers follows the story of a little girl who reports a suspected bike theft in progress. An ensuing explanation of the judicial process includes an arrest; a court trial; and the function of a lawyer, a judge and a district attorney. The book also profiles the careers of police officers and covers their typical duties and equipment. It concludes with safety tips.
Author/Editor: Bourgeois, Paulette
Published by: Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 2004


Title: Community Club
Host: Scholastic Inc
Description: This website contains information about some of the occupations in the community—veterinarian, librarian, pizza maker, utility worker, mayor, police officer, firefighter, pediatrician.
Navigation Tips: Click on a name of an occupation to access information.
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