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Our Links to Community Groups

Create a web showing your strongest links to community groups.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: On the Town: A Community Adventure
Description: Armed with a new black notebook and a homework assignment to explore his community and the people who live in it, Charlie and his mother walk around town and think about what the boy should write down. They run a variety of familiar errands that help him understand the many different establishments that make up his community—such as the bank, the post office, the fire station and the barbershop—and he draws pictures of the people he meets in each locale.
Author/Editor: Caseley, Judith
Published by: New York, NY: Harper Collins, 2002


Title: Franklin’s Neighbourhood
Description: Franklin's first school project is to create a picture of what he likes best about his neighbourhood. Franklin can't decide what to draw. After considering many choices, Franklin finally decides that it's the people, rather than the places, that make his neighbourhood so special.
Author/Editor: Bourgeois, Paulette
Published by: Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 1999


Title: Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move
Description: Alexander's father has a new job and the family must move a thousand miles away, but Alexander doesn't want to move away from his friends, favourite places and everything familiar. Instead, he thinks about moving in with the neighbours or just living alone. Eventually, he gives in and packs his things.
Author/Editor: Viorst, Judith
Published by: New York, NY: Aladdin, 1998
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