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Who is the Mystery Person?

Based on the items in the box, identify the mystery person.

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Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: Me and Mr. Mah
Description: After his parents' separation, Ian and his mother move far from their farm home on the prairie to a large Canadian city. There, Mr. Mah, a Chinese neighbor, introduces the boy to gardening, and they share memories of earlier times and distant places-his neighbor's youth in China, and Ian's childhood on the farm. Each one has a memory box filled with tangible items from those places. After Ian's mother relocates them to a new neighborhood, he comes across his friend's memory box in a secondhand store. He tracks down the old man, who has broken a hip and moved. They renew their friendship, which helps them both cope with life's changes.
Author/Editor: Spalding, Andrea
Published by: Victoria, BC: Orca, 1999


Title: The Memory Box
Description: Zach's summer visit with his grandparents takes an unexpected turn when he learns that his grandfather has Alzheimer's disease. Gramps tells him that it's time to start a special box to store their family tales and traditions. As the visit progresses, punctuated by several episodes of the illness, Zach and his grandparents reminisce and fill their memory box with mementos of past times together. At the end of his stay, Zach leaves hugging the box, where he will store his memories from the coming year to share with his Gramps and Gram next summer.
Author/Editor: Bahr, Mary
Published by: Toronto, ON: General Publishing, 1992


Title: The Memory Horse
Description: A young girl describes a town's attempts to save a dilapidated historical carousel through a fund-raiser in which people bid on individual horses for adoption and restoration. The child's grandfather pays for Starflyer, his late wife's favourite horse when she rode the carousel years earlier. After seeing the workmen repair some of the mounts, the youngster encourages her grandpa to employ his artistic talents and decorate Starflyer himself. The project prompts him to share recollections of his wife's special qualities and personal history with his granddaughter as he paints related objects on the wooden horse. The final product proves a grand tribute to a beloved woman.
Author/Editor: Harrison, Troon
Published by: Toronto, ON: Tundra Books, 2001


Title: Something to Remember Me By: A Story About Love & Legacies
Description: The story begins with a little girl's visits with her grandmother, a happy time for them both. Many of the visits end with the grandmother's familiar words, "I want to give you something to remember me by". Then she gives her granddaughter a small keepsake. As the grandmother grows older, life brings some changes. It is the grown granddaughter who then gives to her grandmother. In the end, the most important gift they give each other is their love—and the happy memories it creates.
Author/Editor: Bosak, Susan V.
Published by: Whitechurch-Stoufville, ON: Communication, 2000


Title: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Description: Wilfrid lives next to a retirement home. He knows and likes all of the old folks in the home, but his favourite old person is 96-year-old Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper. Everyone says Miss Nancy has lost her memory, and despite the fact that Wilfrid doesn't even know what a memory is, by accident he helps her find it.
Author/Editor: Fox, Mem
Published by: Toronto, ON: Penguin Books, 1995


Title: Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt
Description: Based on a true story about a real quilt, this picture book tells of a Mennonite child during the Civil War. Because of pacifist beliefs, Selina's family is in danger from both sides and flees from Pennsylvania to safety in Canada. But grandmother is too old to go along, and Selina is heartbroken to part from her. What keeps them close is grandmother's gift to Selina: the bear paw quilt that Selina has watched grandmother stitch together with pieces of cloth that hold memories for every member of the family.
Author/Editor: Smucker, Barbara
Published by: Toronto, ON: Stoddard, 1995
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