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Community History Time Capsule

Select key historical events, landmarks and people for inclusion in a time capsule about the growth of your community.

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In this challenge, which might serve as a culminating activity for the inquiry, students produce a time capsule representing key people, landmarks and events in their community's growth. Recall with students the many things they have learned about their community's past. List these historical points on the board. Be sure to include contributions from various cultural groups. Together develop criteria for a key historical incident (e.g., represents an important point in the community's growth, is special or interesting). Review the list of historical points in light of these criteria to determine which of these are more significant than others. You may want to adapt the chart and strategies for Considering Options (Support Material) to structure and assess this activity. Identify a sufficient number of historical incidents so that each student or pair of students can be assigned something to include in the capsule.

Direct students to locate or create an artifact or picture that represents their assigned person, event or landmark and to write a few sentences identifying the contribution to community's growth. Assemble the artifacts or pictures and rationale in a sturdy container. When the capsule is completed, bury it in the schoolyard for next year's students to "find", put it on display at their school, or send it to another grade or school to be interpreted.

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