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Exploring Three Unique Communities

What makes the three Canadian communities diverse and unique?


Many of the specific outcomes found under:

General Outcomes 2.1, "Canada's Dynamic Communities," may be addressed by inviting the class to assemble a pictorial record (e.g., picture book, gallery display, patchwork quilt) about the diverse and unique features of three specific communities—an Inuit, Acadian and prairie community. The focus of the inquiry is on the role of geography, culture, economics, language, heritage and resources in shaping each community. You may prefer to address one community at a time or to compare aspects of all three communities together. Similarly, you may want the class to produce the same or a different kind of pictorial record for each community.

Critical Challenges

Students might explore this overarching theme by completing these challenges:

Help Documents

Embedding Critical Thinking Into Teaching and Learning PDF
This document provides a definition of critical thinking, and discusses how to embed critical thinking into teaching and learning.

Definitions of Terms Used in Overarching Critical Inquiries
This document provides definitions of Overarching Critical Inquiry, Critical Challenge, Modelling the Tools, Support Material, Graphic Organizer, Assessment, and Background Information.

Meeting the Diverse Learning Needs of All Students PDF
This document provides suggestions to help teachers plan for diverse learning needs.

Reference Charts

The following charts provide a quick overview of correlations, references, and summaries for all the Critical Challenges. In the charts, the Critical Challenges are organized according to which Overarching Critical Inquiry they address.

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