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Why Is the Community Like This?

How do factors such as geography, culture, language, heritage, economics and resources influence people, places, things and activities in a community?

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Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specific Outcome - Students will appreciate how a community's physical geography shapes identity
Specific Outcome - What geographic features determined the establishment of each community (e.g. soil, water and climate)?
Specific Outcome - How are the communities strengthened by their stories, traditions and events of the past?
Specific Outcome - What are the linguistic roots and practices in the communities?
Specific Outcome - How do these communities connect with one another (e.g., cultural exchanges, languages, traditions, music)?
Specific Outcome - What characteristics define their community?
Specific Outcome - What is unique about their community?
Specific Outcome 2.S.7.6 - Students will organize information from more than one source
Specific Outcome 2.S.7.9 - Students will draw conclusions from organized information
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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