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Learning from Aboriginal Stories

What can we learn from Aboriginal stories about the beliefs and values of Aboriginal peoples?

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Books listed as references have not been reviewed or approved by Alberta Education.

Title: Native American Myths ("How the Earth Was Made"; Tricksters and Culture Heroes")
Description: Well researched and culturally diverse, Ferguson's collection includes myths from the arctic North and the desert Southwest, from the woodlands of the East to the rain forests of the West. Each tribe has its unique tales, inspired by the land it inhabits and its wild animal companions.
Author/Editor: Ferguson, Diana
Published by: London, UK: Collins and Brown, 2001


Title: The Blackfoot Story Robes and Legends
Host: Calgary Board of Education
Description: he website contains an explanation and examples of story robes as well as a listing of traditional First Nations legends.
Navigation Tips: Click on any title to access the legend.


Title: Storytelling: The Art of Knowledge
Host: Canadian Museum of Civilization
Description: This website contains a collection of stories from the Inuvialuit, the Algonquin, the Métis and Cree, the Nisga'a, the Abenaki and the Mi'kmaq. They teach us about the origin of sacred objects and ceremonies, and our relationship to the animals, plants, rocks and each other.
Navigation Tips: Click on any one of the six icons to access the stories and images.


Title: Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula. A Resource for Curriculum Developers, Teachers, and Administrators.
Host: Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth
Description: This website contains a downloadable document entitled Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula. A Resource for Curriculum Developers, Teachers, and Administrators.
Navigation Tips: Click on the document title to access a PDF file of the publication.



Elders’ Voices


Heritage Community Foundation  (Now archived by the University of Alberta)


This website contains an explanation of the oral tradition in the Aboriginal culture and the role of the Elders in preserving this tradition.

Navigation Tips:

Click on any one of the five headings—Ten Grandmothers Project, Métis Crossing, National Aboriginal Day Festivities, Nature’s Laws, Centenarians— under Quicklinks to access information.
Note: All but Ten Grandmothers Project have a feature video or a feature audio. Scroll down and click on any bolded title beside a bullet to view or listen.



Title: Seeing with New Eyes. A Journey Through Blackfoot Knowledge
Host: Archives Society of Alberta

The website has information about Blackfoot heritage, culturally significant sites and traditional stories. It includes a workshop based on inquiry
based - learning and a teacher  toolkit with interactive conversations , quests, animated stories, video interviews, archival records  and lesson plans.

Navigation Tips: Click on links to access information.
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