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Canada's Worst Natural Event

Identify Canada's worst natural event.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources

Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specific Outcome - How have natural disasters and severe weather been part of Canada's physical geography? (LPP, TCC)
Specific Outcome 5.S.2.1 - Students will use photographs and interviews to make meaning of historical information
Specific Outcome 5.S.4.1 - Students will determine when a decision needs to be made in dealing with problems and issues
Specific Outcome 5.S.4.2 - Students will collaborate with others to apply strategies for decision making and problem solving
Specific Outcome 5.S.4.3 - Students will select and use technology to assist in problem solving
Specific Outcome 5.S.4.4 - Students will use data gathered from a variety of electronic sources to address identified problems
Specific Outcome 5.S.4.5 - Students will solve problems requiring the sorting, organizing, classifying and extending of data, using such tools as calculators, spreadsheets, databases or hypertext technology
Specific Outcome 5.S.5.5 - Students will retrieve data from available storage devices, such as a shared folder, to which a group has contributed
Specific Outcome 5.S.7.7 - Students will navigate within a document, compact disc or other software program that contains links
Specific Outcome 5.S.7.8 - Students will organize information gathered from the Internet, or electronic source, selecting and recording the data in logical files or categories
Specific Outcome 5.S.7.10 - Students will use a variety of technologies to organize and synthesize researched information
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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