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Greatest Legacies

Identify the contributions of groups to the development of Canada and create a coat of arms to celebrate their most significant legacies.

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The Symbols of Canada


Canadian Heritage


This website contains an image of the coat of arms of Canada and an explanation of the meaning of each of the symbols.

Navigation Tips: Click on links to access information.


Title: History of Immigration to Canada
Host: About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company
Description: This website contains links to a variety of resources about the history of immigration to Canada, mainly the 19 th and 20 th centuries.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down and click on highlighted terms to access information.


Title: Elementary: How Do I Make a Bibliography
Host: Lexington Public Schools Libraries
Description: This website contains information on how to format a bibliography.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access information.


Title: Research Helper
Host: Sandra Hughes
Description: This website contains brief information about citing sources and provides examples of citations.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access citation samples. Click on Research Steps near the top of the screen to access information about the main steps in the research process.


Title: Heraldry
Host: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
Description: This website contains an article about the origins of heraldry, the rule of tincture and the components in a coat of arms.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access complete article or click on highlighted terms within the text or in the Contents box to go directly to a topic.
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