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The Most Influential Events

Design a painting or poster depicting the two events that influenced Canada's collective identity the most.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: We Are All Related: A Celebration of Our Cultural Heritage
Description: Elementary school children created mixed-media collages and explanatory text to depict cultural heritages and to explain each family's values. The text is transcribed in both English and the student's native language.
Author/Editor: G. T. Cunningham Elementary School students with illustrations by George Littlechild
Published by: Vancouver, BC: Raincoast Books, 1996


Title: Flags
Host: Historica Foundation of Canada
Description: This website contains a video of an actor role playing the MP John Matheson who describes the various designs that were considered by Parliament for Canada’s new flag which was adopted in 1965.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to view text. Click on links for related information.


Title: The Great Canadian Flag Debate
Host: CBC Archives
Description: This website contains archival CBC television and radio clips about the debate and the process of selecting a new flag for Canada.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down and click on an image to view or hear a clip. Click on links for additional related information.


Title: Significant Events in Canadian History
Host: The Canadian Encyclopedia
Description: This website contains an interactive timeline with significant events in Canadian history, from the arrival of First People’s to the year 2010.
Navigation Tips: Scroll the timeline to view a list of events for that era from various categories. Then click on an event to access information about that event.
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