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Citizenship and the Right to Vote

After comparing the legal requirements to vote and to drive in Alberta, create a letter to convince Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to retain, lower or raise the voting age in Alberta.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References (selected) Related Resources


Title: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Host: Department of Justice Canada
Description: This website contains the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982.


Title: The Canadian Electoral System
Host: Library of Parliament: Parliamentary Information and Research Service
Description: This website contains information about the electoral system in Canada including information about the right to vote.


Title: Elections Alberta: Common Questions
Host: Elections Alberta: Chief Electoral Office

This website provides answers to common questions about the electoral process. In Alberta. Links are provided to other Canadian jurisdictions.



Title: Who Can Vote in Canadian Federal Elections
Host: About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company
Description: This website contains information regarding requirements and options for voting in a Canadian federal election.


Title: Recent Federal Electoral History in Canada: 2006 General Election Results
Host: Maple Leaf Web (located at the University of Lethbridge)
Description: This website contains information regarding the federal election process and how to vote.


Title: Driver’s Licence
Host: Service Alberta
Description: This website contains information regarding the driver’s licence program in Alberta.


Title: The Citizen’s Guide to the Alberta Legislature –The Provincial General Election
Host: Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Description: This resource is a guide to the system of government in Alberta. Information on the different levels of government—federal, provincial, territorial and municipal (local) is included, in addition to information on the history and traditions of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the functioning of the government.  A glossary, study questions and an answer key are included at the end of the guide.
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