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Rural and Urban Governments: What's the Difference?

Compare and contrast urban and rural municipal governments and decide whether or not a growing rural community would benefit from changing to an urban municipal government.

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Title: xtimeline
Host: Famento Inc.
Description: This website contains a tool for creating, sharing and discussing timelines. Users may explore existing timelines, create their own timelines and share and discuss timelines with others.
Navigation Tips: Click on Explore to view existing timelines. Users must create an account with an e-mail address and a password in order to create timelines by clicking on, “Create a timeline.” Click on Sign up to create a new account.


Title: City Hall School
Host: City of Edmonton
Description: This website contains a listing of teacher resources for the City of Edmonton related to local government, including activities, activity guides, resources, worksheets and answer keys.
Navigation Tips: Click on applicable resources under Activity Guides.



Municipal Profiles


Alberta Municipal Affairs


This website contains information regarding Alberta’s municipalities.

Navigation Tips:

Use the Name field to search pull up a PDF on the municipality you would like information on.


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