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Sticks and Stones: Symbolism in the Alberta Legislature

Determine the three most powerful symbols of democracy in the Alberta Legislature.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References (selected) Related Resources


Title: Virtual Visit: Step Inside the Alberta Legislature
Description: This resource is an interactive virtual tour of the Alberta Legislature. It provides a realistic, three-dimensional environment replicating the layout, scale, lighting, and features of the Legislature building, where the user is able to look and move around as they would in the real world. Users create their character, and can choose to take either a full guided tour or to explore the building on their own. Detailed information about the paintings, displays, and other objects found in the Legislature is available; multimedia activities that align with Alberta Programs of Study are also provided.


Title: Brian Hodgson – Sergeant-at-Arms
Description: Brian Hodgson, Sergeant-at-Arms, discusses a variety of topics. The video clips listed under the topic of Symbolism are applicable to this critical challenge.


Title: Speech from the Throne
Host: Government of Alberta
Description: A video and a printable version of the Speech from the Throne, delivered by The Honourable Norman L. Kwong, CM, AOE, Lieutenant Governor, at the Third Session of the Twenty-Sixth Legislature, March 7, 2007, are available in this Web site.


Title: So, This is Alberta! Alberta’s Provincial Emblems
Host: Heritage Community Foundation
Description: This website contains descriptions and images of emblems that symbolize Alberta’s history, people and natural features.
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Title: The Citizen’s Guide to the Alberta Legislature – Part 3, Rules and Traditions
Host: Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Description: This resource is a guide to the system of government in Alberta. Information on the different levels of government—federal, provincial, territorial and municipal (local) is included, in addition to information on the history and traditions of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the functioning of the government.  A glossary, study questions and an answer key are included at the end of the guide.
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