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North American Attraction

  • Create six interview questions about the motives of specific Europeans in exploring and colonizing North America.
  • Provide thoughtful answers to the interview questions, based on evidence about the historical figures.

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Specific Outcomes

This critical challenge may address these outcomes:

Specific Outcome 7.1.1 - Students will appreciate the influence of diverse Aboriginal, French and British peoples on events leading to Confederation (C, I, TCC)
Specific Outcome 7.1.2 - Students will appreciate the challenges of co-existence among peoples (C, CC, I, LPP)
Specific Outcome - What were the social and economic factors of European imperialism? (CC, I, TCC)
Specific Outcome - How was European imperialism responsible for the development of Acadia, New France and British settlements? (I, GC, PADM)
Specific Outcome - Who were the key figures in the French exploration and settlement of North America? (CC, LPP, TCC)
Specific Outcome - What roles did the Royal Government and the Catholic Church play in the social structure of New France (i.e., governor, intendant, Jesuits, religious congregations)? (ER, GC, PADM, LPP)
Specific Outcome - Who were the key figures in the British exploration and settlement of North America? (CC, LPP, TCC)
Specific Outcome - What role did the British government play in the settlement of North America? (PADM, ER, LPP, GC)
Specific Outcome - How did the fur trade contribute to the foundations of the economy in North America? (ER, LP, TCC)
Specific Outcome - How was Britain's interest in the fur trade different from that of New France? (TCC, ER, GC)
Specific Outcome - How was economic development in New France impacted by the changing policies of the French Royal Government? (PADM, ER, GC, TCC)
Specific Outcome 7.S.1.5 - Students will generate creative ideas and strategies in individual and group activities
Specific Outcome 7.S.2.1 - Students will analyze historical issues to form or support an opinion
Specific Outcome 7.S.2.3 - Students will explain the historical contexts of key events of a given time period
Specific Outcome 7.S.4.1 - Students will predict outcomes of decision-making and problem-solving scenarios from multiple perspectives
Specific Outcome 7.S.7.2 - Students will draw conclusions based upon research and evidence
Specific Outcome 7.S.7.4 - Students will organize and synthesize researched information
Specific Outcome 7.S.7.5 - Students will formulate new questions as research progresses
Specific Outcome 7.S.7.6 - Students will integrate and synthesize concepts to provide an informed point of view on a research question or an issue
Specific Outcome 7.S.8.1 - Students will communicate information in a clear, persuasive and engaging manner, through written and oral means
Specific Outcome 7.S.8.3 - Students will elicit, clarify and respond appropriately to questions, ideas and multiple points of view in discussions.
Specific Outcome 7.S.8.4 - Students will listen to others in order to understand their perspectives
Specific Outcome 7.S.8.5 - Students will offer reasoned comments relating to a topic of discussion
C Citizenship
ER Economics and Resources
CC Culture and Community
I Identity
LPP The Land: Places and People
GC Global Connections
TCC Time, Continuity and Change
PADM Power, Authority, and Decision Making
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