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A Recipe for Canada

How successful was the Canadian Confederation, as seen from Aboriginal, British and French perspectives?


Many of the specific outcomes related to:

General Outcome 7.1, Toward Confederation, may be addressed through critical challenges that invite students to consider the interaction of political, military and economic factors in British North America from the early 1700s to 1867. These challenges explore the difficulties associated with unifying the colonies as well as the factors that contributed to an increasingly unified political entity. As students reflect on the contributions of British, French and Aboriginal peoples to the foundations of Confederation, they consider whether or not the final result was a success for all groups involved.

Critical Challenges

Students might explore this overarching theme by completing these challenges:

Help Documents

Embedding Critical Thinking Into Teaching and Learning PDF
This document provides a definition of critical thinking, and discusses how to embed critical thinking into teaching and learning.

Definitions of Terms Used in Overarching Critical Inquiries
This document provides definitions of Overarching Critical Inquiry, Critical Challenge, Modelling the Tools, Support Material, Graphic Organizer, Assessment, and Background Information.

Meeting the Diverse Learning Needs of All Students PDF
This document provides suggestions to help teachers plan for diverse learning needs.

Reference Charts

The following charts provide a quick overview of correlations, references, and summaries for all the Critical Challenges. In the charts, the Critical Challenges are organized according to which Overarching Critical Inquiry they address.

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