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Preparing for the Voyage

  • Select five essential items to take on a conquistador voyage.
  • Write a historical justification for your choice of essential items from the point of view of a member of Cortés' voyage to the Americas.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: Hernan Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520
Host: Internet Modern History Sourcebook, Fordham University
Description: This website contains a historic letter from Hernan Cortés to Charles V in 1520 describing the Aztec city of Temixtitlan and the activities and customs of the Aztecs.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to view complete text.


Title: The Story of the Conquistadors
Host: BBC
Description: This website contains information about the conquests of the conquistadors and examines the effects and morality of their actions from both a historical and present-day perspective.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to view text. Click on topics from the left-hand-side menu to directly access a topic or click on Next at the bottom of the page. Related links are provided in the right-hand-side menu.


Title: The Conquest of Mexico
Host: Nancy Fitch, American Historical Association
Description: This website contains a teaching unit on the conquest of Mexico including student and teacher resources, related links, a time line, maps and a Who's Who?/What's What? section.
Navigation Tips: Click on highlighted terms under Contents Include to access information.


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