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Celebrating My Uniqueness

  • What are my three most unique gifts, talents, interests and characteristics?
  • Which one of these is the most unique?

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This two-part challenge is best used after students have thoroughly explored their interests, talents and personal characteristics and, perhaps, have assembled representations of these qualities in an "All about Me" book. Discuss with the whole class what makes a person unique (e.g., no one else or only a few people have the same quality or characteristic). Invite students to reflect on what they have learned about themselves and to draw a picture that includes their many gifts, interests, talents and characteristics. Provide an outline of a person with the title "I am unique" to assist students in drawing characteristics of themselves on the "person." For example, if they love books, they can draw a book in one of the hands; if they have red hair, they might draw red hair on the "person." The heart in the centre of the person might be a place where students draw qualities such as kindness, sense of humour or shyness.

After completing the drawing, ask students to choose three qualities that they judge to be the most unique and circle them in their picture. Invite students individually to present their drawing and tell about their unique qualities. Finally, ask students to determine which of their three qualities is truly unique–no one else or very few students in the class have this quality. Alternatively, you may want to adapt the chart and strategies for Selecting the Best Thing (Support Material) to structure and assess this activity.

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