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Finding Others Like Me

Who, in the classroom, is most like me?

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This challenge invites students to look for someone in the class whose physical and personal features are most similar to their own. To support younger students in this activity, you many wish to enlist the help of an older buddy class. With both classes present, identify various physical characteristics and personal preferences (e.g., preferred flavour of ice cream, favourite activity at school and at home). Begin by asking Kindergarten students to indicate their eye colour, length of hair (short/long), whether they are a boy or a girl, and their favourite ice cream flavour and play activity (or classroom centre). The older students can help a Kindergarten partner draw/colour these features on a sheet organized like the one illustrated below. After recording their physical and personal features, students should compare their sheet with those of others in the class, looking for students with common features and preferences. Through discussion, establish the criteria for deciding who are most alike (e.g., have all or most of the same physical features, like the same flavour of ice cream and share the same favourite activity). Create a display of the "most same" pairs with the data sheets and pictures of the pairs. As an extension, invite students to look for common features with someone in their home or other students in the school. As a closing activity, invite students to discuss the book You Are Not Small by Anna Kang.

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