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My Most Unique Interest

What I like to do best that is most unique?

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This challenge invites students to think about their personal interests–the activities they like and want to spend time doing–particularly those that are unique interests. It may be helpful to send a letter home asking parents/guardians to help their children think of three or four of each child's interests (both common and unique interests). On a wall chart, construct a master list (using simple stick drawings) of the various interests that students have identified. When an interest is mentioned by more than one child, place a check beside that interest for each student who mentions it. Draw attention to those interests that received many checks and introduce the term "common interest" (e.g., many children share this interest). Then, consider the interests that are named only once or twice. Introduce the term "unique interest" (e.g., identified by only one or two students). Encourage students to return to their personal list of interests, adding any interests from the master list that they had forgotten to include. Ask students to consider which of their interests is the most unique (i.e., is not shared by many other students). As a whole class, create a list of the names of all students. Ensure that everyone in the class understands the importance of responding positively to others before inviting students to indicate their unique interest. As students report their decisions, refer back to the criteria for a unique interest and encourage them to tell why they chose that one.

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