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Photographing the Act

  • Take a photograph within the classroom or school that captures an assigned example of people cooperating with one another.
  • Select the title that best matches with the photograph.

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Suggested Activities

This challenge reinforces the importance of cooperation by inviting students to take a photograph depicting people working in harmony. To prepare for the activity, take and print a sample photograph (perhaps with a digital camera) of students working together. As well, print titles on pieces of paper describing various classroom activities (e.g., students cooperating by reading together, students cooperating by tidying up, students helping each other with their work). Introduce the activities by displaying the sample photograph and asking in what way the picture shows students working together (e.g., students cooperating by reading together). Discuss other ways students work in harmony (e.g., helping each other, being responsible, following rules). Explain that there are many examples within the classroom and school of people working together. Read aloud some of the titles of actions and explain that students are to work with a partner to take pictures (perhaps using a disposable camera) of people in the classroom or school who are demonstrating these actions. Assign one or two actions to each pair of students. If possible, arrange for parent volunteers or older students to work with the pairs of students to help them locate and photograph examples of their assigned situation. Alternatively, assemble a collection of photographs that you have taken depicting the various cooperative actions described on the pieces of paper. Display the collection of (student or teacher supplied) photos. Read aloud the actions on the pieces of paper and ask various students to point out one or more photographs that reflect the specified behaviour. Discuss the importance of working in harmony.

Adapted from Tami McDiarmid, Rita Manzo and Trish Musselle, Critical Challenges for Primary Students (Richmond, BC: The Critical Thinking Consortium, 1999), pp. 5-6.

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