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Ranking Options

This support material is incorporated into critical challenges at grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, however, it can be adapted for use at all grade levels.

The following documents can be adapted and re-saved for your needs.

Justifying My Rankings Word
This chart helps students rank various options and provide evidence for the ordering they propose. For example, students might decide which of four or five historical figures made the most significant contribution, the second most significant contribution and so on until all persons have been ranked. To use this chart, students:

  • list options to consider in the left-hand column
  • record relevant evidence of key factors for each option in the middle column
  • decide which option is the best, based on this evidence, circle the 1 st ranking and provide reasons for this choice
  • repeat this procedure until all the options have been ranked in order.

Assessing the Rankings Word
An assessment rubric is available for this chart.


Adapted from Critical Challenges Across the Curriculum series. Permission granted by The Critical Thinking Consortium for use by Alberta teachers.

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