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Be an Anthropologist/Archaeologist

Infer the story of a group of Aboriginal peoples using various media sources.

Suggested Activities Outcomes References Related Resources


Title: Aboriginal Perspectives: Aboriginal Studies 10
Description: This student resource includes first-hand stories, ideas, viewpoints and experiences of Aboriginal peoples. It also includes profiles of contemporary and historical individuals.
Author/Editor: Kainai Board of Education, Métis Nation of Alberta, Northland School Division and Tribal Chiefs Institute
Published by: Edmonton: Duval House Publishing, 2004


Title: First People. Native American Legends: The First Totem Pole
Host: Paul Burke
Description: This website contains the text of a Kwakiutl legend about the first totem pole.
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access complete text as well as links to other legends.


Title: Welcome to the Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
Host: Nova Scotia Museum
Description: This website contains portraits and illustrations of the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada
Navigation Tips: Scroll down to access complete text and images. Scroll over the menu bar and click on a topic from the dropdown menu to access information.


Title: Canada’s First Peoples
Host: Goldi Productions Ltd.
Description: This website provides resources about the lives of various First Peoples in Canada.
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