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Pre-Service Teachers in Alberta

There are multiple types of accounts that you could use. We know that might be a bit confusing, so we're working to simplify things. In the meantime, this is how it works...

Sign In Type You can access How do I get this?
No Sign In  Public student resources
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Jurisdictional Sign In  Public student resources
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If you are in an Alberta school you should be automatically signed in to a Jurisdictional account. Check the upper right of the screen to see the username and password or ask your principal.
Pre-Service Teacher Sign In
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If you are a pre-service teacher attending a post-secondary institution in Alberta you can request access to all teacher resources on this site.
Why do I have to sign in? has purchased the rights to use some resources from other owners. The purchase agreements cover use by teachers and students who have permission to use the Alberta Programs of Study. We need you to sign in to honour these agreements.