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Journal Writing: Fact Sheet

Suitable for: Independent Activity | Group Activity

Journal Writing

Journal writing is a very personal writing experience that allows an individual to break free of usual patterns of thinking. By writing in your journal regularly, you may gain inspiration and a deeper understanding of yourself as you grow personally and professionally. While many people use their journal only to record their personal thoughts and experiences, others include visual images and multimedia.

Use these suggestions to enhance your journal writing:

  • Use sentence starters.
  • Immerse yourself in an image by using all of your senses.
  • Add photos, drawings, video, music, or sound recordings.
  • Use different forms of writing, such as poetry, prose, single words or streams of consciousness. You may even write a letter or a newspaper column.
  • Use different points of view. Write from your point of view, or from the point of view of an imaginary or real person, or even from the point of view of an object.


Blogging is publishing online written pieces that tell about what is happening in a person’s life. A blog can be any personal writing intended for the public. Blogs often contain photos or links to other websites. Sometimes blogs are called web logs.

Writers of blogs can follow the same process described above for writing journals. The difference between a blog and a journal is privacy; journals are often considered private, but blogs usually are intended for the public. It is your choice to keep your reflections on Walking Together private or to make them public through a blog.