Benchmarks, Strategies, and Resources for Teachers of English as an Additional Language Learners

This site is intended to support teachers, administrators, and consultants with language proficiency assessment, programming, and instruction of English as an additional language (EAL) learners.

  • EAL learners bring rich, diverse linguistic and cultural knowledge to their classrooms. As well, many are learning their school subjects in English, a language they are developing.
  • All teachers of EAL learners share the responsibility for their students’ English language development.
  • Teachers should be aware of the unique linguistic demands of the subject matter they teach, and the vocabulary and language forms and functions that students require in order to learn Alberta curriculum.
  • EAL learners need explicit language instruction and guided support to listen, speak, read, and write for a variety of purposes in the formats associated with each subject area.

The Alberta K-12 English as an Additional Language Proficiency Benchmarks (Benchmarks 2.0) is a revised and streamlined version of the Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks and is available for implementation.

Benchmarks 2.0 supports teachers in assessing language proficiency, planning explicit language instruction, reporting language development, and communicating language development with students and parents.

The Supporting English as an Additional Language Learners web page will shift to align with Benchmarks 2.0 over time.

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Benchmarks 2.0 »

Benchmarks 2.0

Benchmarks 2.0 can be used to assess students’ language proficiency in any subject area, over time. Benchmarks 2.0 also supports teachers in identifying language-learning goals, planning learning and instructional strategies, and communicating with students and parents about students’ language proficiency. View Benchmarks 2.0 »


Programming and Instruction »

Programming and Instruction

Information on planning culturally responsive programming and subject-area language instruction for EAL learners. This information can be used to plan school-wide support and language instruction in any subject area. View Programming and Instruction »


Assessment Tools and Strategies »

Assessment Tools and Strategies

Assessment tools and strategies to plan school-wide or classroom language proficiency assessment of EAL learners in any subject area. Language proficiency assessment helps teachers identify student needs; plan for culturally responsive, explicit language instruction in all subject areas; and select appropriate resources. View Assessment Tools and Strategies »

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