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NEWAlberta K-12 English as an Additional Language Proficiency Benchmarks (Benchmarks 2.0) is now available for implementation. Benchmarks 2.0 is a revised and streamlined version of the Alberta K-12 ESL Proficiency Benchmarks. Valuable feedback was collected in the 2022/2023 school year on draft Benchmarks 2.0 and this was used for the final version.

Benchmarks 2.0 supports teachers in assessing and reporting English language proficiency, planning explicit language instruction within any subject, and communicating English language development with students and parents.

The Supporting English Language Learners web page will be updated to align with Benchmarks 2.0 over time.

For questions about Benchmarks 2.0, please contact us at or use the feedback button below.

Searchable Benchmarks »

Searchable Benchmarks

The ESL Benchmarks are intended to document students progress on language proficiency development over time. Also, ESL Benchmarks support teachers in assessing language proficiency, communicating with students and parents, and planning explicit language instruction. View benchmarks »


I Can Statements »

I Can Statements

The I Can Statements, which are written in simplified English, allow English language learners to understand their current level of proficiency in English and to work with their teacher to set language learning goals to develop greater language proficiency. View I Can Statements »


Videos »


See videos demonstrating the benchmarks at work and teachers gauging language proficiency of students. View videos »

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