Planning GuideGrade 1
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Basic Facts to 18

Strand: Number
Outcome: 10

Step 5: Follow-up on Assessment

Guiding Questions

  • What conclusions can be made from assessment information?
  • How effective have instructional approaches been?
  • What are the next steps in instruction?

A. Addressing Gaps in Learning

Students who are struggling may need extra time so that they can build connections between oral number words, written numbers and numerical quantities, that is, the meanings of the words and written numbers. We need to be certain that students understand the cardinal meaning of counting as opposed to merely counting and attaching no significance to the final count word. They need this skill before they can complete the outcome described in this lesson. They also need to understand how partner numbers (the addends) relate to the total number. Through storytelling, dramatic play or drawing, they need a lot of time to understand partitioning to 10. Students also need a great deal of reinforcement through the use of concrete materials.

B. Reinforcing and Extending Learning

Students who have achieved or exceeded the outcomes will benefit from ongoing opportunities to apply and extend their learning.

Consider strategies, such as the following.

  • Partner students so that students who are demonstrating success are working with students who are not yet successful. Give students encouragement about how to work as a team and share the work, explaining answers to each other.
  • Have students use the computer to create story problems and write their solutions into number sentences.