Planning GuideGrade 4
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Addition and Subtraction

Strand: Number
Outcome: 3

Step 4: Assess Student Learning

Guiding Questions

  • Look back at what you determined as acceptable evidence in Step 2.
  • What are the most appropriate methods and activities for assessing student learning?
  • How will I align my assessment strategies with my teaching strategies?

Sample Assessment Tasks

In addition to ongoing assessment throughout the lessons, consider the following sample activities to evaluate the students' learning at key milestones. Suggestions are given for assessing all students as a class or in groups, individual students in need of further evaluation, and individual or groups of students in a variety of contexts.

A. Whole Class/Group Assessment

Note: Performance-based assessment tasks are under development.

Have counters and base ten materials for the student to use as needed.

Examples of Group Assessment  Word

B. One-on-One Assessment

Assessment activities can be used with individual students, especially the students who may be having difficulty with the outcome.

Examples of One-On-One Assessment  Word

C. Applied Learning

Provide opportunities for the students to use addition and subtraction in a practical situation and notice whether or not the strategies transfer. For example, ask the student to compare height of the door to the width of the door by using centimetres. Does the student:

  • use an estimate in doing the comparison?
  • obtain the two measures and compare them in some way?
  • use a personal strategy that makes sense in comparing the two measures?

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