Planning GuideGrade 7
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Strand: Statistics and Probability (Chance and Uncertainty)
Outcome: 6

Curriculum Focus

This sample targets the following changes in the curriculum:

  • The General Outcome focuses on using experimental or theoretical probabilities to represent and solve problems involving uncertainty, whereas the previous mathematics curriculum focused on creating and solving problems, using probability.
  • The Specific Outcome focuses on conducting probability experiments with two independent events and comparing the experimental results to the theoretical probability that is found by using tables or tree diagrams, whereas the previous mathematics curriculum focused on using a table to find the outcomes for two independent events and then finding probability by dividing the favourable outcomes by the possible outcomes.

Probability addresses the following outcomes from the Program of Studies:

Strand: Shape and Space (Measurement)
Specific Outcomes:
6. Conduct a probability experiment to compare the theoretical probability (determined using a tree diagram, table or other graphic organizer) and experimental probability of two independent events.

What is a Planning Guide?

Planning Guides are a tool for teachers to use in designing instruction and assessment that focuses on developing and deepening students' understanding of mathematical concepts. This tool is based on the process outlined in Understanding by Design, by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

The following steps will help you through the Planning Guide:

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