Planning GuideGrade 8
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Independent Events

Strand: Statistics and Probability (Chance and Uncertainty)
Outcome: 2

Step 5: Follow-up on Assessment

Guiding Questions

  • What conclusions can be made from assessment information?
  • How effective have instructional approaches been?
  • What are the next steps in instruction?

A. Addressing Gaps in Learning

  • Provide hands-on experiences that would allow the students to become more familiar with representing equally likely possibilities in tree diagrams or tables, calculating theoretical and experimental probability, and conducting experiments involving two given independent events.
  • Provide the students with time to reflect on their learning by creating graphic organizers such as Frayer models for terms such as independent events, tree diagrams and probability.

B. Reinforcing and Extending Learning

Students who have achieved or exceeded the outcomes will benefit from ongoing opportunities to apply and extend their learning. These activities should support students in developing a deeper understanding of the concept and should not progress to the outcomes in subsequent grades.

Strategies for Reinforcing and Extending Learning  Word