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Creating Persuasive and Effective Visuals

This modelling the tools is incorporated into critical challenges at grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 11 and 12, however, it can be adapted for use at all grade levels.



These activities will help students explore the persuasive qualities of various media and the techniques used to create these qualities. Students will be able to use persuasive techniques so that they can advertise an issue, topic or event. First students learn about the techniques of persuasion and then they discuss two purposes of advertising: to create a powerful impression in a short period of time, and to inform people about a topic or issue. Students will analyze samples of print ads in order to identify techniques that were used and their impact on viewers. Finally, students will use what they have learned to create persuasive and effective visuals.


Assemble sample visuals.

  • Gather several posters that illustrate effective visual techniques; e.g., travel posters, library posters, fitness posters.
  • Gather a selection of advertisements from magazines or ask students to bring copies of advertisements to class.
  • Ask students to photocopy, print or download images they find as they conduct research or coursework. Alternatively, you may wish to direct students to online resources that include a rich variety of visual images, such as those located in Samples of Advertising Posters A or Samples of Advertising Posters B. Remind students to cite sources correctly.

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