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Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

This modelling the tools is incorporated into critical challenges at grade 10, however, it can be adapted for use at all grade levels.


Session Two

Hold symposium.

  • On the day of the symposium, direct students to the previously arranged location such as the library. Assume the role of symposium organizer by taking on the following duties:
    • welcome the participants as they arrive
    • introduce each guest speaker
    • provide an overview and purpose of the symposium
    • remind students that copies of the speeches will be distributed after the presentations
    • encourage participants to ask questions of the guest speaker after the talk
    • direct participants to the location of the break-out sessions
    • thank the guests at the end of the symposium.

Review presentation notes.

  • At the end of the symposium, distribute to each students a copy of the script of the guest speaker whose session he or she attended:

Environmental Representative (Background Information)
Brazilian Peasant (Background Information)
Brazilian Government Official (Background Information)
Spokesperson for Indigenous Group (Background Information)
Multinational Company Executive (Background Information).

Ask students to review their notes and read over the speech. Encourage students to use the script to supplement any missing information on Notes on Stakeholder Perspective.


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