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Using Our Senses

Create a collage that shows sights and sounds of Francophone presence in Alberta communities.

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Suggested Activities

In this critical challenge, students further develop their appreciation of the contributions of Francophones found in the community. To introduce the activities, ask students to name different languages they have heard in the community. If there is a French Immersion or Francophone program in your district, or an identifiable Francophone community, ask students where the French language can be seen, heard or spoken. If students are unlikely to be able to identify things representative of a Francophone community, bring to class several products and draw students' attention to the French words on their packaging or in the media. Ask why there would be French words on packages and guide students to understand that French is one of Canada 's two official languages and that many people in Canada and their province speak French. Ask students to suggest places where they have heard the French language spoken, e.g., at the post office, at the airport, at a National park, or if they know any French people, e.g., characters in movies or books. Point out that many magazines are printed in both official languages, as are many signs at airports and restaurants, e.g., café or terrace, and names of places. If students know how to sing a song such as "O Canada" in French, ask them to do so. Ask students to name things they know that are connected to the Francophone presence in Alberta ; e.g., Are there French-speaking businesses, schools, churches or museums in the community? Are there street names, building names or place names in the community that indicate Francophone presence? For an example of a map of Alberta with Francophone names, see the “Related Resources” tab.

Explain to students that their task is to create a collage of images of things related to the contributions of Francophones to life in Alberta communities. The collages can be created from pictures or printed words cut out from magazines, packages, brochures and drawings, but all items must be related to Francophones in Alberta, show various aspects of Francophone presence in Alberta communities and represent something that can be seen or heard. Display the completed collages and, through discussion, help students to appreciate the presence of the Francophones in everyday life in Alberta communities.

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